3D Printing Construction Technology uses the same operating principles as the Materials Extrusion 3D Printing. The process uses the drop on demand principle that extrudes viscous material only when needed.

Advantages of 3D Printing

1. Reduced Injury

  • less workers needed and a cleaner/neater construction site

2. Reduced Material & Construction Cost

  • Reduce of waste, 3D printers use the exact amount of materials
  • Increase efficiencies with the use 3D printer vs traditional Construction processes

3. Design Flexibility

  • 3D printer can be used to create unique & customs architecture design

4. Better Duality

  • 3D printer technology drives durability and overall structural integrity

5. Reshaping the construction industry into the 21st

  • This industry is known to be slower to innovation, such as IOT / Industry 4.0 in comparison to other

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