Train-the-Trainer Course

Train-the-Trainer Course

This course is a two-day program that gives participants an introductory look at the materials science of additive manufacturing and cost accounting for additive manufacturing. The different types of materials used in 3D printing will be presented, with a focus on material selection, material processing and the properties of 3D printing materials. Cost accounting is an important aspect of the manufacturing process decision. In 3D printing, the proper use of cost accounting can help decide whether or not to use this technology. It is therefore essential that cost accounting is as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine the roll of materials for 3D printing
  • Understand the most important material properties for producing 3D printed parts
  • Identify cost factors
  • Possibilities for cost control


Duration: 2 Days

Language: German

Location: Karlsruhe *or on request at the location of the customer

Dates & booking

Dates until further notice on request.

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