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3D Printing Seminar Materials –
Become a material expert!

The variety of materials that can be processed in 3D printing processes has now reached a level that is difficult to oversee. At the same time, there are several 3D printing devices on the market that are capable of processing a wide variety of materials. In order to identify the ideal material, especially for industrial applications, and to avoid expensive wrong decisions when purchasing a 3D printing system or expensive special materials, it is necessary to find out in advance about the properties, possibilities and respective benchmarks. With our 3D printing seminar Materials you lay the foundation for a successful use of the materials of your choice and ensure that your component projects are printed in the best possible material quality. The focus of this seminar is on plastics, metals and alloys that can be processed in 3D printing processes.

The 3D Printing Materials seminar begins with an introduction to the current state of 3D printing technologies and the most commonly used materials. You will get to know the benchmarks of the different material classes and get an idea of the respective advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of case studies, we will show you which material is best suited for which applications. We would also be happy to discuss personal requirements and application cases with you and show you the influence of material selection on process solutions and the end product. Furthermore, we will introduce you to health and safety-related factors that you must consider when using certain materials. At the end of the 3D Printing Materials seminar, we will try to give you an outlook on what developments are emerging in the materials sector and what opportunities this could open up for your 3D printing projects.

Learning objectives

  • Gain a detailed overview of the different 3D printing materials and the corresponding technologies
  • Knowledge of benchmarks and advantages and disadvantages of different material classes
  • Getting to know real use cases
  • Understanding the health and safety factors of certain materials
  • Overview of trends and developments in 3D printing materials


Target group: engineers, material scientists

Duration: 9am – 5pm

Costs: 900€ (plus tax)

Language: German

Location: IMAPS consulting centre, Willy-Andreas-Allee 19, 4th floor, 76131 Karlsruhe

Dates & booking

Dates until further notice on request.

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