IMAPS Consulting on CAD/CAM in 3D printing

What can we offer you?

In order to produce components of the best quality with a 3D printer, suitable software for computer-aided design and production is required.
So-called CAD and CAM/slicing software supports you in this process, from the design, through development, to the production of the desired objects. Our design experts will advise you on the selection and implementation of a 3D printable software solution and train your staff in its use. The focus here is on design and optimization guidelines that must be observed when designing additively manufactured components. If you already have experience in the use of CAD/CAM software in conventional manufacturing processes, we will provide you with the know-how you need for the application in 3D printing. We will support you in 3D-print-compatible design and optimization and accompany you on the way to the perfect printing result.

Why is this worthwhile?

Qualified design has a major impact on the quality of your components and protects you from costly misprints, especially when using high-quality special materials. Therefore, adequate CAD/CAM software usage and knowledge of 3D printing design standards ensures a high manufacturing quality of your products. Improved design with a view to later industrialization will have a strong influence on all development processes from the very beginning to meet your performance and cost objectives in the market. We deliberately work detached from sales partnerships with individual software providers in order to offer you independent advice and to find the best possible solution for your purposes. You also benefit from our large network of Steinbeis consulting experts. This means we have the right partner at hand for every requirement and problem.

Our services at a glance:

  • Individual analysis of the requirements for the most suitable Software infrastructure
  • Selection of suitable CAD software
  • Selection of suitable CAM/Slicing software
  • Implementation of the software solution
  • Training of the personnel in the use of the software
  • Support and, if desired, control of the design activities
  • Advice and support for 3D printable design and optimization

If you are confident that our experts can help you with your 3D printing projects and provide new insights, please contact us today. Convince yourself of our performance in a free initial consultation sponsored by Steinbeis.