3D Printing Consulting
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Material Applications

Are you having trouble identifying the right materials for your 3D printing projects or are you not getting the results you want? Our team of experts specializing in materials science will work with you to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the materials in question or already in use, their properties, and develop possible application scenarios for your additive manufacturing processes. Our promise is: we will find the right material for every application!

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You want your employees to have the best possible 3D printing
have software solutions available and use them professionally? We advise you on the selection and implementation of suitable CAD and CAM tools and conduct practical training courses with your staff. If you already have experience in using these tools with conventional manufacturing processes, we will provide you with the necessary know-how for the application in 3D printing. We will support you in 3D-print-compatible design and optimization and accompany you on the way to the perfect printing result.

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Change Management

Are you planning to use 3D printing in your company and wondering what changes are coming to your business? Which process points do you need to address, which standards and regulations do you have to observe and how do you ensure that your employees accept and actively promote the changes? If you are asking yourself these questions, you have come to the right place. When introducing a new technology, in addition to process-related and regulatory aspects, you must never lose sight of the needs and attitudes of your own staff. Therefore, we design a detailed change strategy and accompany you during implementation.

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Project Service

Do you need professional project managers and staff to help you implement your 3D printing projects? Our interdisciplinary team accompanies you from the idea generation, planning and control of the necessary project steps, to the implementation of the solution developed for you. We will discuss with you how you can increase the quality of your product portfolio through the use of additive manufacturing and thus save your material and human resources.

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If you are confident that our experts can help you with your 3D printing projects and provide new insights, please contact us today. Convince yourself of our performance in a free initial consultation sponsored by Steinbeis.


Photo Credit: “3D-printed ball bearing”, © 2014 Creative Tools, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio