3D Printing Online Crash Course

3D-Printing online crash course
THE webinar for beginners!

A lot has happened since 3D printing was born in 1981. The additive manufacturing business has reached a billion-dollar volume and almost daily new and innovative technologies, materials and research results flood the market and relevant media channels. Especially beginners, who do not want to invest the majority of their time in studying the subject matter and the latest trends, often find it difficult to filter out the content that is important to them from the flood of information. In order to provide interested beginners and future users with initial basic knowledge of additive manufacturing processes, we have created the 3D printing online crash course.

In this practical webinar format, you will learn about the various 3D printing technologies and the most important materials in one hour. At the same time, we will give you an idea of the opportunities and risks involved in using additive manufacturing and which technical and economic factors you should take into account when planning your implementation. However, the 3D printing online crash course will focus on frequently occurring difficulties and problems in connection with additive manufacturing, which will be discussed and answered on the basis of real-life applications and illustrative examples. Please feel free to send us your personal questions afterwards and we will work out a solution together with you to enable you to use 3D printing processes in your company in a profitable and target-oriented way.

Learning goals:

  • Overview of the different 3D printing technologies and the most important materials
  • Getting to know the economic and technical possibilities of additive manufacturing
  • Knowledge of frequently occurring problems when using 3D printing processes


Target group: 3D printing enthusiasts from various industries

Duration: 1 hour

Costs: none

Language: German

If you are convinced that our experts can provide you with valuable knowledge about 3D printing and thus help you with your projects, please contact us today.


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