German Overseas Centre for Industrial Skills (GOCIS)

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Skills Development

Bridging the skills gap between the global labour structures and economic performance is the key goal at GOCIS. We believe that the living standards of people around the world can markedly be improved if they are skilled and also have the chance to use those skills in economic activities. While creating skills in the developing nations remain a key focus of our work, we do also pay keen attention to the job shortages being experienced in large industrial economies like Germany. If unchecked, the stress created by excessive job vacancies and poor economic performance could lead to significant crisis at the global level. GOCIS is a win – win for both the developing and the developed highly industrial nations.We focus on those skills which can power an economy from the grassroots level. The skills listed on our information pages are globally in demand. Together with our partners we will be bridging the skill gaps in our communities around the world.

The technical training from GOCIS teaches you everything you need to start your career in the industrial sector.

We teach you technical skills that are relevant for both today’s and tomorrow’s industries. You have the opportunity to learn the German language and seek for jobs in German speaking countries after your training.

You can obtain a recognized German technical certificate in 4,9 or 15 months.

Industrial Relevant Skills

These are all the skills you can learn in our program.

  • Tools, Turning and Cutting Machines
  • Mechatronics
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing Technologies)
  • Computer Aided Engineering Design
  • Data Protection and IT Security
  • Digital Technical Documentation
  • Systems Integration Design
  • Computer Aided Product Design

Other benefits

Includes the exposure to State-of-the-Art engineering from the German industrial sector.

Option to adjust the program to your interest.

Network: Opportunity to meet and network with both local and international industrial business groups.

Practice in Germany: Opportunity to conduct part of the training time in Germany.

German Language: Option using 20% of the training time learning German language tailored for technical experts.


This is the list of topics you can choose from. All of them have sub-topics that can be selected.

  • Digitalization
  • Mechanical
  • Eletronics
  • Support Fields
  • Computer Aided

Location: Nigeria


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Contact Information

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Tel.: (Nigeria) +234 (0) 7056516834

Tel.: (Germany) +49 724 59473646

E-Mail: gocis@steinbeis-imaps.de


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